The 3 C’s Challenge

Dear Educator, yes YOU! I have a challenge for you this school year.

The 3 C’s


Coordinate times to meet. Be happy about it and use your time wisely. Meet together and plan fun lessons. Resist the urge to complain when you are together. Share the positive part of your day.


Cooperate with each other. Listen to each other’s ideas and be open to new things. It is ok to agree to disagree. It is great to grow with your partners and team. Step out of your comfort zone and support a team idea even if it is not your first choice. Be willing to hear each other out.


Collaboration is key. YOU GUYS…SHARE WITH EACH OTHER and watch your teaching world change forever. Teachers who put their heart and soul into their work can sometimes feel like they want to guard their work and extra projects. We teach kids to share but sometimes we do not do it ourselves. Who are we hiding these resources from? The only people we are depriving are the kiddos! Be open to sharing with others. Be open to creating ideas with your team instead of alone in your classroom. Transform each other’s classrooms. Have fun together. Help each other grow!

Take a new approach this year and enjoy your amazing careers! You can change the world with your kiddos AND do even more with your team mates!




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