Our Engagement Story

Everyone always asks: how did it happen and did you know.

Denny and I have are a couple who loves traditions. We have little rituals and routines. We love familiarity even though we are always up for a (predictable) adventure. Disney’s California Grill has been a place for celebrations since the beginning of our relationship five years ago.

When Denny said we were going for a special birthday dinner, I was so excited and needed to find something to wear! You see, California Grill is a beautiful restaurant that overlooks the Magic Kingdom in the Contemporary Hotel. Every night they stream the music in for the fireworks and you have a panoramic view of the fireworks and the lit up castle. It really is super special! The food is also fantastic.

We got ready. I put on a dress and curled my hair. I pinned it back to keep it out of my face and did very simple makeup. Basically, if I would have known today was going to be the day, I would have bought something to wear, put on some lashes, DONE MY NAILS and made sure my lipstick was fresh! We got to the restaurant and checked in. Denny told me he had to go to the bathroom.

This bathroom trip was significant because Denny never goes to the bathroom when we are out…like ever. When he was gone, my mind started to wander and I got freaked out. This was the first time a proposal crossed my mind. My mind started to race and so, naturally, I started to write.

This is the note I wrote in my phone:

I love that I documented my thoughts. He finally came out of the bathroom and it was time to go to the table. We got seated and started ordering our delicious meal. We ordered a cheese plate and some drinks. Naturally, we made friends with the couple next to us and engaged in some small talk. Soon after, the lights dimmed and it was fireworks time! They turned the lights down and the music began. This is when the flashes began…

Someone was taking pictures. The table next to us started to complain and then Denny started to tell me how annoying the flash was. I told him to brush it off until the flash was literally right behind me – clicking and flashing over and over so I started to laugh

Most women would cry, get nervous, ask what was happening but I just laughed and laughed and laughed. That flash was taking pictures of me.

Denny slipped me a piece of paper and I opened it up. Cue the water works! Now it was time to cry because Denny had saved the first text messages him and my mother had shared. I will share the story of how Denny and I met another day but the short version is that he knew my mom first and she introduced us. Check out the messages:

Denny then got on his knee and started to tell me all the sweet nothings everyone wants to be told when they are proposed to. The lady next to us interjected when she realized what was going on with “ARE YOU PROPOSING?” and Denny turned to her and said “yes, yes I am”. Cue the crying laughter.

There are her hands. She was an active participant in this proposal.

Of course, I said YES! Denny had been working on this ring for a while. He picked the diamond himself and went through many designs before making this one. It was so sparkly and I could not wait to get it on my finger!

Then we went out to the patio for the rest of the fireworks and got some magical pictures out there. We were so excited!

We enjoyed the rest of the evening and had a delicious meal with a side of champagne. It was true Disney magic!

We continued the celebration the next day in the Magic Kingdom. We paraded around the park and I took one too many pictures of my ring. I waited more than five years for this moment and I was going to live. it. up.

Denny and I are excited to see where our future takes us. We are also excited, confused, overwhelmed, flabbergasted and overjoyed by the wedding planning process. Stay tuned for the full Bridezilla experience!

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