Orlando Sentinel Foodie Awards Celebration 2018

The best restaurants in Orlando, live music, a hip location and great people? Count me in! 

The Orlando Sentinel Foodie Awards Celebration brings together amazing local restaurants and lets them shine! It is a night to celebrate the huge accomplishment of being recognized as an Orlando Foodie Award Winner! These restaurants are giving you their absolute best and they did not disappoint!

The event was held at The Celine in downtown Orlando and it. was. everything! It was just the right amount of hip, industrial and cool. The layout of the event made it easy for the crowd to distribute throughout the two floors and the bar down the middle of the venue was a showstopper.

This place was very Insta-friendly with so many great photo spots – not to mention comfy options to sit for when your heels are turning on you.

There was even a red carpet rolled out with the perfect backdrop to get your photo taken as you arrived at the event. Such a fun touch!

Martini Pop took the stage and sang all the hits with an old Hollywood twist. I absolutely loved every song they played. You must check this awesome group out. They added a certain flavor to the event that not even the amazing dishes could have done.

Guests were able to walk from table to table and enjoy all of the top food dishes that Orlando has to offer.

The Vineyard Wine Co. won the Worth the Drive award and with their flavorful gazpacho and passionfruit ceviche I can totally see why. Their tastings were unlike anything I had ever had before and I fell in love.

Kelly’s Homemade Ice Cream has divine flavors that were so creamy! The Mexican Chocolate had a rich chocolate taste with a hint of cinnamon that was delish and the Banana Cream Pie had chunks of banana…need I say more?

The flavors here were out of control! I will neither confirm nor deny that I have already visited Tamarind for dinner since then.

Something so simple yet so delicious. The staff is extremely friendly and welcoming. Always a favorite. Cookies and cream is my flavor of choice.

Even Dunkin’ was there because munchkins of course! They also won best coffee.

We cannot forget the fabulous Blood Orange Margarita. Let’s just say it was one of my favorite drinks…ever!

The attention to detail throughout the event was noticed and appreciated. I especially loved the foodie quotes.

The bartenders at The Celine were phenomenal! Not only were they super friendly but they definitely knew what they were doing.

The energy at the event was exactly as you see here – friendly, fun and full of life!

This is one of those events you already want to set your sights on for next year but in the mean time, you are not too late to try out all of the winning dishes. You can visit the restaurants and make your own Orlando foodie tour by following the Orlando Sentinel’s list.

Bon appetit my friends! 


Photography by Give That Girl a Snack and Just Jesus Photography

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