Generocity 2018

Generosity 2018 – Party with a Purpose – what an event! If you are looking for a way to connect with your city and give back then this is the place for you.

Orlando Magazine puts on this annual event that is held at the fabulous Orlando Science Center which is a beautiful event space. Community service organizations come together to share their purpose and mission. It truly opens your eyes to all of the help that is needed right here in our own backyards.

Not only is it great networking and opportunity to give back but the event also features local eats and drinks. Think Pig Floyd’s to die for ribs and P is for Pies salivating desserts – just WOW!

While there was a large variety of meaningful organizations at the event some that stood out to me because of my education background were as follows.

The Bridges of Light Foundation works directly with at risk youth and offers mentorship opportunities, adopt a family programs and guest speaker presentations. They build relationships with local children who are currently in the foster care system and offer them the stability and support they need. They are in need of clothing and everyday home item donations as well as hands on volunteers to offer their time to these deserving children.

To learn more, check out their website.

The Edible Education Experience offers the unique experience for children and community members to learn about growing their own food, health and sustainability. They offer classes and workshops for children and adults to learn how to make delicious and nutritious meals. Their programs help to integrate cooking and gardening into school curriculums. They even have a special teacher workshop that gives them all of the tools they need to start this initiative in their schools.

Learn more about them on their website. 

The Early Learning Coalition of Orange County is your one stop organization for all things children and learning. They work with families and the community to make sure children have the resources they need to grow and learn. With programs such as reading buddies and childcare support, there is little they do not do to benefit children. Their reading buddy program pairs an adult up with a VPK student who becomes their pal that sends them books throughout their time paired up together. For some children, this will be their first exposure to books and literacy – now this is powerful. They have some amazing efforts going on and could use your help.

Find out about their opportunities to get involved on their website. 

Hands On Orlando is literally volunteer central. They are an organization that organizes and get involved with many different community service projects. Tonight they were sharing information on one of their current initiatives which involves adults making math word problem cards that are then sent to schools where students are struggling with math and vocabulary, These cards are used as an incentive for students which also involves challenging them and teaching them something new. What a fun way to keep students excited and engaged! They are also heavy in STEAM programs which is STEM with an added component, the arts! One of their current projects has to do with creating a STEAM park for the community to enjoy, They are always looking for volunteers to lend a hand.

Learn more on their website.

Clean the World is yet another fantastic organization that strives to promote good hygiene practices all around the world. They go to local hotels and collect their used toiletries that are left behind. With used soap bars, they melt them down and create new bars that are sent all over the world. For local efforts, they make bags with travel size shampoo, conditioner and soap. These are given to families in need, the homeless and other shelters. They shared that they team up with local schools to share information on germs and what they are about which would be a great school program.

Learn more about their efforts on their website. 

There were so many extraordinary organizations present tonight. If we all come together, we truly can make a difference in the lives of those around us. The representatives from each booth were so kind and passionate about their work. There was something for everyone at this event which was an all around feel good experience.

Not to mention, we got to explore the Orlando Science Center which is second to none. Their exhibits are always so fun. We especially loved the Mindbender Mansion which was filled with brain teasers, puzzles and a fun set of clues to solve. It was like walking through an extra large fun house. It was especially great to see a bunch of adults acting like kids, having the time of their lives (and laughing out loud for real!)

They even had a library section so you know that was my hangout spot.

This event is one that can change your life if you let it. There is so much need right around the corner and so many cool options to get involved with. The only thing left to do is dive in and help out!

What project are you excited about?

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