• Our Engagement Story
    Everyone always asks: how did it happen and did you know. Denny and I have are a couple who loves traditions. We have little rituals and routines. We love familiarity even though we are always up for a (predictable) adventure. Disney’s California Grill has been a place for celebrations since the beginning of our relationship five years ago. When Denny said we were going for a special birthday dinner, I was so excited and needed to find something to wear! You see, California Grill is a [VIEW POST]
  • The 3 C’s Challenge
    Dear Educator, yes YOU! I have a challenge for you this school year. The 3 C’s Coordinate Coordinate times to meet. Be happy about it and use your time wisely. Meet together and plan fun lessons. Resist the urge to complain when you are together. Share the positive part of your day. Cooperate Cooperate with each other. Listen to each other’s ideas and be open to new things. It is ok to agree to disagree. It is great to grow with your partners and team. Step out of your comfort zone [VIEW POST]

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