• Our Engagement Story
    Everyone always asks: how did it happen and did you know. Denny and I have are a couple who loves traditions. We have little rituals and routines. We love familiarity even though we are always up for a (predictable) adventure. Disney’s California Grill has been a place for celebrations since the beginning of our relationship five years ago. When Denny said we were going for a special birthday dinner, I was so excited and needed to find something to wear! You see, California Grill is a [VIEW POST]
  • We Finish Each Other’s Meson Sandwiches
    A place that features the tag line “serious coffee” is enough to catch my eye. Not to mention the delicious food and warm atmosphere. If you are looking for a new place to try this weekend – check out Meson sandwiches. Don’t be afraid to try something new! I had the  Avena and Cornmeal. Avena is like a sweet oatmeal that would totally hit the spot on a winter day. The cornmeal was my favorite. It is like an arepa in liquid form. The thick and sweet cornmeal is the ideal comfort food.  [VIEW POST]

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